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When you purchase this Sponsor Fedora product, you will recieve a Fedora Core disk (currently Core 6) as well as you are helping to send Fedora disks to those how cannot afford to purchase the disks. In many cases, users in third world countries. Once you sponsor a Fedora disk, will work directly with the FreeMedia project at Fedora and send out a disk to somebody on the list.

Created by a dedicated and ever growing numbers of developers around the world, Linux offers you the chance to do everything you ever wanted to do with your computer and much much more. Used daily by some of the world’s biggest corporations, such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, HP and Sun Microsystems, Linux is the next generation of software made by you, for you.

Linux allows you to control what you do, and lets you decide when you want to do it. Whether it’s surfing the internet, managing your email, graphics design, listening to or editing music, creating a spreadsheet or just simply word processing. The choices are endless, just simply decide which Linux distribution fits your needs. Linux is developed using the General Public License (GPL). This license is more than a software license, it protects your freedom and your right to choose. It allows you, the chance to not only copy, and share the software, but to modify it. That’s right; you have the rights to make alterations and to improve on any aspect of the software.

As a result of these unique points, GPL software has possibly the largest communities of independent developers and users ever in the history of the world, a community that you can be part of. For further information, please visit the free software foundation.

If you have questions or suggestions send an email through the contact us page. We have included a live version of each distribution which will allow you to try them out without installing a thing. This package also includes the install disk for each distribution. Once you have found the distribution that works for you, and have installed it with the disk provided, you can move your important files and settings from Windows to Linux using Versora's Progression Desktop software. No more excuses. You have everything here to make your move to the best computer platform available. Enjoy the freedom of choice, experience the joy of innovation, and be free .... move to Linux today. collects personally identifiable information when you register for a account, when you use certain service , and when you enter promotions or sweepstakes. may also receive personally identifiable information from our business partners. When you register with, we ask for your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. Once you register with and sign in to our services, you are not anonymous to us. uses information for two general purposes: to fulfill your requests for certain products and services, and to contact you about specials and new products.

Linux for beginners

You are thinking about buying PC, laptop or a Mac, but don't know what is the best OS solution for you? In that case keep reading, because here we have some pros and cons on Linux that will help you decide if it's the right one for you, or should you keep using Windows or OSX.

For the start you should know that an operating system is just a part of the device you are buying and that, you can often change or replace it, and in some cases - the new Macs, you can have two operating systems on one device. So don't be afraid to make any choice, but be sure to pick the right one for you, because with a good operating system, you will have a much better experience, for sure.

Linux is the most open operating system there is. It is the only one that is totally free and can be installed on any PC or laptop. It has many variants and you will for sure find something for yourself. It is a very stable operating system, which means that it does not need periodic reboots, like many Windows operating systems do, to make it functional at its optimal level. One more good thing about Linux is that this operating system does not require the top line hardware in order to operate at its highest level. It works pretty good with older systems. That is not something you will often find, especially not with Apple, because their new operating systems are often limited on only one, rarely two, generations of Macs that came out before the release of the new OS.

Fast and reliable

Linux is super compatible with many different types of software, that makes it extremely adaptable and the best choice in case you work with a wide range of different software products. It is also safe, so you will be able to still enjoy live sex cams online. And the best thing about it is yet to come. Linux is the easiest operating system to use. You can use it for business, but also as a server without any complications and you won't need a lot of time to get used to it, because everything is highly logical.

It is free, so you will not need to do any licensing or registration. And you can run it with both Windows and OSX. So in case that you are used to your old Windows operating system or your OSX you will be able to have them both on your device and give yourself some time to get used to it.

There are also a few cons. The biggest of those is that the support you can call if you have problems doesn't exist. There are mainly e-mail addresses you can write to and wait to get an answer. But it is not that much of a problem, because there are many forums on the internet that you can go on and ask people for help, and since there are many people using Linux, you won't be the first one to experience an error or bug. Also some MS Applications are not compatible with Linux, but there are not the only ones, because there are many apps that do the job as well. In case you are used to MS Office tools and don't want to make any compromises, then Linux won't be a good idea for you.

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