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What is Linux?

Shipping and returns

When you buy something online, it is often the case that the store or person that is selling it, is not near you. So they will need to ship it to you. The period of time that it will take the order to get to your address does not only depend on how far you are from each other, but also in what part of the world you are and if there is an ocean between you. Most of the serious seller give you an idea of how long can it take.

Even some huge deliveries have to be done and for those are used ships. That is where the name comes from, although most of the shipping is done by planes today, because they are much faster and easier to control. Many sellers offer also a free return, in case your order is damaged during the delivery and because of all kinds of mistakes that can happen. That is quite fast and easy so you don't have to worry about it.

The most famous shipping companies are FedEx and DHL, we must all have heard of them, but also UPS. They do shipping on the ground, in the air and oversea shipping.

The world of online shopping

One of the most favorite online destinations for shopping is eBay. They are pretty fast, reliable and their money back and return policy is quite safe for both buyers and those who sell. In case you did not hear about that, here is a short introduction.

They give the seller 30 days to deliver the order to each of their buyers. But you have to pay for it right before you order it. To make sure you don't give your money for nothing they keep the money, actually PayPal does, in a so called pending balance, so that the seller can't use the money for 30 days. If you get your order within the 30 days you can confirm that, but if you don't get it you can report that. Keep in mind that your report has to be confirmed by the shipping company, so that if they also say they did not make that shipping to you, you will get your money back.

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